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From November 14th 2018 to March 4th, 2019  

Georges Henri Rivière (1897-1985), the French museologist, launched a veritable revolution in the world of museums. Widely credited for introducing the concept of the ecomuseum, which attempts to portray civilizations in their natural environments, he was one of the most highly esteemed museological entrepreneurs in modern France.

The exhibition portrays Rivière the musician, curious about every new thing from the Roaring Twenties, from modern art to jazz and fashion, and from photography and film to the music hall. He curated his first exhibition in 1928 on Ancient American Art.

Read more about GHR's influence in the world of Ecomuseums below in the World Museum Connections section.

Read more about the show here.
Read more about Ecomuseum beginnings here.

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From November 23rd 2018 to March 3rd 2019


Mohammed Kacimi (1942-2003) is one of the most important post-war Moroccan plasticians. He served as a model for a number of young Maghreb artists, who today are internationally recognized. The exhibition is devoted to Mohammed Kacimi’s "African period" (1993-2003)—the high point of his oeuvre—which sees him break with western art. The show will include 325 works made up of paintings, sculptures and also archives: manuscripts, texts, drawings, photographs, videos.

Read the interview with exhibition curator Nadine Descendre here.
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The Vision of Georges Henri Rivière

Originating in France thanks to G.H.R., ecomuseums focus on the identity of a place. They are largely based on local participation and aim to enhance the welfare and development of local communities. Below are two examples of museums inspired by G.H.R.'s vision and values.

THE ÉCOMUSÉE DU FIER MONDE, History and Community Museum (Montreal, Canada) 
The Écomusée du Fier Monde is a history museum that retraces the history of the industrial and working class people of south-central Montreal. Promoting grass roots involvement, it comprises exhibitions, publications, activities and a place to hold events. Its Director, René Binette recently gave a talk (March 2018) at the Mucem.

Discover the Écomusée here.

A place of awareness and reflection, this museum aims to help better understand the world. Their exhibition "Exil" (until 25 November) presents over 300 images from the photojournalists of Magnum Photos that tell the story of migration: walking, waiting, uncertainty, fear…and hope. Work from the agency’s historical greats – including Robert Capa, Werner Bischof and Raymond Depardon – is displayed alongside that of contemporary photographers shooting on the ground.

Learn more about the show here.
And go to the beautiful ECOMUSEMS website here.

Since September, the Mucem has taken part in a new European project: Excavating Contemporary Archeology. This project targets young students from 11 to 15 as well as artists, and aims at questioning the links between archeology and artistic creation.

This  two-year program, financed by Creative Europe, involves three other partners: Kunsthal Aarhus (Denmark), Point Center for Contemporary Art (Cyprus) and AIR Antwerpen ( Belgium).  

The teams of the Mucem will work together with artists and a group of students from the Middle school Louis Armand in Marseille.

Read more on ECA here.
Read about Creative Europe here.


(The International Committee for Museums and Collections of Ethnography)
The ICME, the international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is devoted to ethnographic museums and collections from local, national, and/or global cultures and societies. Museum partners: WFFM, The World Federation of Friends of Museums.
Learn more here.

The ICME annual conference, 2018:
'Re-imagining the Museum in the Global Contemporary”

Tartu, Estonia, 9-12 December 2018

Georges Henri Rivière was a pioneer in reframing the vison of ethnography museums. Today the annual conference of ICME invites us  to reflect upon the complex contexts in which museums exist in 2018, and to creatively examine the range of new and future roles we might productively employ in our respective and interconnected institutions. The annual conference brings together diverse museum scholars and practitioners from across the world.
"Museums have no borders, they have a network."
REMEMBERING THIS SUMMER: Recollections from the OIB students' volunteer work at the Friends' Welcome Desk.
Above, Iska Le Menn and Kayna Mooney wave back from the Welcome Desk at Anna Moncuit, who took the photo. Below, Anna had a happy surprise in the Paris metro: "It was barely a week after my shift at the Mucem, it felt like an incredible coincidence, so I could not resist the temptation to take a picture of it!" The magic of the Mucem lingers on...
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